Dr. Kamal Alameh from Alpha Solar Tech

Professor Kamal Alameh

Director and CTO

Professor Kamal Alameh previously worked as  Director of Electron Science Research Institute  and Director of WA Centre of Excellence for Micro Photonic Systems at Edith Cowan University (ECU). He is  a world- renowned expert in optics  and Nano Photonics having worked as a Professor  in the World Class University (WCU) Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology (GIST), Korea. He is currently Adjunct Professor with ECU and GIST Korea as well as holding the position as lifetime guest Professor with Southeast University in Nanjing, China.

Prof Alameh  pioneered and developed  the integration of microelectronic and photonic sciences into a new research area, “Micro Photonics” that achieved innovative solutions within the  renewable energy, the ICT, agriculture, health, consumer electronics, oil & gas and the security and defence sectors.

He obtained his PhD in Engineering(Photonics) from  Sydney University in 1993 and his Master of Engineering( Photonics) in Melbourne University in 1989.

Prof Alameh has filed 40 technology patents  with commercial  potential and in 2018 had a successful Solar Energy application listed on the ASX  . He is confident that his recent development of the “ High Definition Coloured Photo Voltaic  (HDCPV) will prove to be the leading Built in Photo Voltaic  (BIPV) technology available in the market. The technology overcomes many of the challenges associated with renewable energy ( Solar) and provides excellent  market potential within the building & construction industries.

Dr. Kamal Alameh from Alpha Solar Tech

Dr. Tim Song

Managing Director & CEO (Acting)

Dr Song has over 20 years’ experience in corporate management within Australia, including establishing  start-ups into becoming market leaders with well-known brands across diverse industries. In recent years Dr Song has focussed on innovation and technology projects. He has played a pivotal role in advancing and commercialising AST’s ground breaking HDCPV technology.

Dr Song has been involved in the solar energy business for more than 10 years, including commercial scale design, development and installation. His business  ranked third in total annual kW   output installed across Western Australia. Dr Song holds a PhD in Geology/ Petroleum Exploration( Curtin University) and over the last 10 years has remained focussed on renewable ( solar) energy applications in a dedicated effort to move away from environmentally damaging finite fossil fuels.

Mr. Jeff Washbourne

Business Development Manager

Jeff has significant experience in the Solar space having worked with Solahart Brisbane West in a Sales Management capacity and  as General Manager for 4 years with  one of Western Australia’s top 3 Solar companies including installation of over 8000  residential and commercial scale solar applications. Jeff has dedicated his career to building businesses through  strategic business development activity, both nationally and on an international scale.

Jeff played an integral  business development  role in  expanding the Sushimaster restaurant business into the successful multi-million-dollar class leading franchised QSR icon with 22 locations , where he operated as its General Manager for over 8 years.  This included transforming part of the business into an Industry leading HACCP certified food service and wholesale delivery business that is now Western Australia’s largest Sushi/ Asian fresh foods distributor.

Prior to this Jeff opened , developed and built from start up  the Seafood Division of Australian Fresh Corporation Pty Ltd . From humble beginnings the business became  one of Australia’s largest live and fresh chilled Seafood Exporters, exporting over 1.5 million KGs of seafood annually . This included early and ground breaking development of systems, SOP’s for the transport of fresh chilled  and live seafood/crustaceans. Jeff remained as General Manager of the division for 14 years.  

Max Ji


Max has over 20 years of international experience in finance and investment having worked in China, Hong Kong, USA, Singapore and Australia. Max commenced work in Australia as the STG representative in 2008 and later held the role of CEO for the Shandong Tianye Australia Group (a subsidiary of STG). From 2011 to 2014 Max held the role of CEO/ Director of Minjar Gold. During this period gold production was successfully transferred from STG to its current parent company, Jinan Hi-tech Development Co. Ltd.

Most recently Max (GAICD) held the role of Chairman of Minjar Gold prior to the Board restructure in June 2019. Max had a strong business development strategy and during this period important achievements included the acquisition of Pajingo and Barto Gold Mining operations, and the recapitalization of the ASX listed Triton Minerals Ltd. Max currently holds the position of Chairman of Triton Minerals Ltd.