River Bed Marble
Golden Granite
Jade Marble
Washed Brick
Terrazzo Granite
Rusty Scribbles
Blue Grey
Grey Wood
Alpha Moon Base Marble
Black and White Marble
Black and Grey Texture

Coloured Solar Tiles

Our built-in roof tiles perfectly complement slate and tiled roofs and replace the roof itself. Numerous colour variations are offered for AST roof tiles. Waterproof and backed by an extended warranty.

Now you have the tools to move your construction project towards a net zero energy outcome!!!

Lifetime warrantly

Reduce onsite power costs significantly

Reduce power connection infrastructure

Reduce greenhouse gases responsibly

Solar Glass Panels

Imagine your building fully cladded in our semitransparent solar glass facades
Did you know a 30-story building designed with solar facades can be embedded with up to a one MW solar system/l000kW with an output of approximately 600kW peak output on north, east and west faces?

This is estimated to produce 480,000kWh of electricity annually dependant on the location and could save you more than $100,000 annually, or more than $2.5 million over 25 years. This system will also save over 480,000 kgs of greenhouse gas over a 25-year period.

Replace existing barriers while generating power

Turn current surface into a modern and sustainable wall

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